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Inkitha Social Skills and Human Upliftment CC

Date submitted: 10.12.2019

Comments made by the trustee/liquidator

Dear Creditors


Welcome to Summit Trust.


Kindly be advised that Jochen Eckhoff, JZH Muller and JN Mahanyele will attend to the liquidation of Inkitha Social Skills and Human Upliftment CC (In liquidation) “Inkitha”. Furthermore, all communications regarding this estate (progress reports, creditor reports, meeting of creditors etc) will be done via this online estate profile, the Government Gazette and one or more newspapers circulating in the district in which the company was registered or had its main place of business.


Kindly be advised that  Inkitha was liquidated on 22 November 2019.  Furthermore, The Master of the High Court, Cape Town, appointed Jochen Eckhoff (Summit Trust), JZH Muller and JN Mahanyele to be the liquidators of the corporation on 6 December 2019.


The Liquidators will, within a month, convene by notice in the Gazette, a first meeting of the creditors and members of the corporation for, inter alia, the proof of their claims against the corporation. The Liquidators shall publish such notice on a date not less than ten days before the date upon which the meetings is to be held and shall in such notice state the time and place at which the meeting is to be held.


In light of the aforesaid, Kindly download the claim form which you will see on the right of your screen. The claim must be completed, signed, commissioned and supported with documents proving your claim. If the claim is in your personal capacity then you must complete the power of attorney for our representatives, who will prove your claim at the creditors meeting, but if the creditor is a company, which you represent, then both the company resolutions and the power of attorney, attached to the claim, must be completed. If goods were sold and delivered to the insolvent company on an open account then a statement must be submitted in support of the claim showing the monthly total and a brief description of the purchase and payments for the full period of trading or for the period of 12 months immediately before the date of liquidation, whichever is the lesser.


The claim must be emailed to our offices, stephan@summittrust.co.za within 14 days from 10 December 2019. If the claim is correct, I will advise you to deliver or courier the original claim to our offices: Summit Trust, 6th Floor, 50 Long Street, Cape Town.

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