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Pygon Trading CC

Date submitted: 16.07.2021

Comments made by the trustee/liquidator

Dear Creditors


Welcome to Summit Trust.


Kindly be advised that Jochen Eckhoff and Philemon T. Mawire will be attending to the liquidation of Pygon Trading CC (In Provisional Liquidation) “Pygon”. Furthermore, all communications regarding this estate (progress reports, creditor reports, meeting of creditors etc) will be done via this online estate profile, the Government Gazette and one or more newspapers circulating in the district in which the Close Corporation was registered or had its main place of business. If you register to this online estate profile you will receive notifications, via email, every time it is updated. In this regard, we kindly request that you familiarize yourself with our disclaimer available at the bottom of this webpage.


Kindly be advised that Pygon was provisionally liquidated on 18 May 2021. Furthermore, The Master of the High Court, Cape Town, “The Master” appointed Jochen Eckhoff (Summit Trust) and Philemon T. Mawire as Liquidators of Pygon on 11 June 2021. At this point in the liquidation, it is the duty of the Liquidators to take control of the Close Corporation’s assets and not to report on the Close Corporation’s affairs. The Liquidators will submit a formal report at the second meeting of creditors and members as required by section 79 of Close Corporations Act 69 of 1984.


Further instructions will follow if the provisional order of liquidation is made final on 16 August 2021.

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